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I’ve spent a lot of time at NYC Fashion Week over the years; I’ve seen some amazing shows by some of the world’s top designers. I’ve gone backstage to watch stylists create hairstyles to send down the runway. While I’ve seen plenty of pin-straight ponytails and long curtains of sleek, shiny hair parted, I haven’t seen many curls, coils or waves.

To me, texture is one of fashion’s most beautiful accessories.

So at TextureMedia™, we decided to create our own event - right in the middle of NYC Fashion Week – to put texture center stage. At Texture on the Runway, it’s all about the hair. Rather than hairstyles play second fiddle to fashion, we’re letting texture serve as the inspiration for it.

Since we launched NaturallyCurly.com in 1998, we have dedicated ourselves to providing inspiration, education and empowerment for those with curls, coils and waves (an estimated 60 percent of the world’s population). When we started those 18 years ago, texture was all but ignored. A curly girl had few options when it came to hair products to accentuate their ringlets. Many women had relaxed their hair for so many years that they forgot what their natural texture looked like.

Now, it’s a much different world. We are lucky to be partnering with a pioneering retailer like Target, one of the first to stock its shelves with some of the hottest brands for this important category. We’re thrilled to have sponsoring brands that are offering the consumer a wide range of innovative products to help them embrace their texture and look gorgeous while doing it. We are confident that Texture on the Runway ’16 will send a loud, joyous message to the beauty industry that texture is beautiful, unique and yes, fashionable.

-- Michelle Breyer, co-founder of NaturallyCurly.com

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